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February 2019

How the Perfect Storm Develops in Kids

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What is “ The Perfect Storm?”

If you have a child with challenges related to attention, focus, ADD/ADHD, sleep issues, problems with digestion or other sensory concerns, these challenges are all related to what we call “The Perfect Storm.”

The perfect storm is a sequence of events that occur as stress builds up in a kiddo’s system over a period of time. We can see this stress present as early as infancy and it only continues to grow and develop if not taken care of. For us as pediatric chiropractors, our focus is finding out the source of stress in little ones, determining where exactly the stress is occurring in the body and then creating an action plan to help kiddos out of the stress storm. We are able to do this by talking to our patients in-depth about different physical, chemical and emotional stressors that have challenged them, as well as using our neurological scans that tell us a lot about what is happening in the nervous system.

Development of Stress at Different Stages

Our office has 5 years of experience caring for kiddos in all phases of the perfect storm: early on as infants, through toddler-hood and young school-aged children and also into the teenage years. From this experience, we have seen the same patterns on our neurological scans, time and time again, as well as similar stories from parents caring for these kiddos throughout these different phases. For example, stress that we see in a colicky, refluxy baby appears similar to stress we see in 5 year olds with behavior and attention challenges. From this experience, along with what we see on our scans, we know that stress develops early on, and if action is not taken to help the little one’s system adapt, it can persist and cause other challenges as the child develops.

Signs of stress:

In babies, common challenges we often see are: colic, reflux, trouble latching, gassy/uncomfortable babies, stiffness, trouble sleeping, babies that tilt their heads and have a preference for one particular side.
In toddlers we often see immune challenges such as colds, congestion, ear infections and sometimes trouble with speech as it develops.
In school-aged children this STRESS STUCK ON presents as issues with social interactions with other kids, separation anxiety, meltdowns or other issues with behavior. Children ages 7 to 12 often get labels put on them such as ADD/ADHD.
By the time these kiddos hit 12 to 15, the stress has been present in their systems for a good amount of time, and this built up stress, added in with other hormonal changes that happen around this time, can start to cause anxiety, issues with confidence, trouble at school as well as many other issues.
At age 15-17, the body has been in this stress or “fight or flight mode”, from trying to adapt for quite long time. At this point, the body gets worn out from fighting and we can start to see it shut-down. This is usually the first time we see the stress turn in to lows, such as depression.

How can chiropractic care help?

Our goal is to be able to stop the build up of stress as early as possible, no matter the age of the kiddo. How we can do that is by stimulating a sense of calm over the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments. Adjustments help balance the nervous system, counter-acting that “fight or flight” mode. This can help break up the pattern of stress that accumulates over time. With the sense of calm comes: better rest, relaxation, growth, development and healing.

If you are seeing any of these patterns of stress with your baby, little one or teenager, we would love to help!

In addition to some of our online workshops, there will be a LIVE workshop on February 21st where we will go in depth to cover:

*Cases of perfect storm kiddos that we have seen in our office.
*Patterns of stress and what to look for.
*An in-depth explanation of actual scans that we have seen in our office.
*Results we have achieved with chiropractic care,
*Action steps to help your family get out of the storm!

We know that kiddos who have these challenges also have siblings, parents and other people around them that this impacts and it can be hard to know how to navigate at times! Please feel free to reach out or contact us at any time for more information or USE THE LINK BELOW TO REGISTER FOR OUR LIVE EVENT!