A Premier Chiropractic experience for the entire Family, from baby to mama and little ones to teens, we strive to provide a Five-Star Experience every visit, Top-Notch Care and Personalized Compassion to Spark Your Family’s Potential!

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As Peoria’s leading prenatal and pediatric health provider, we welcome you and your little ones to a beautiful and five star experience to sparking your family’s potential. We specialize in family wellness with emphasis in maternal and pediatric care. Our office is set apart from other experiences, not only in expertise and knowledge, but by the personal attention, passion and individualized care we provide with each visit!

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby, experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, already leading a healthy lifestyle or simply are looking for more for you and your children’s life, we are here to help!

Ignite Family Chiropractic is accustomed to working with all members of your family, from infants just hours old, to spectrum and sensory kiddos, pregnant mamas as well as parents alike! We look forward to helping you through challenges and celebrations including seeing your families and little ones grow year after year!

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“Dr. Jen works magic on my little boy! He can't tell me himself but she must make him feel wonderful because he sleeps so well after a visit with her! We never have night time gas problems afterwards either! She is super caring and knowledgeable. I am so glad we found her!”

Meagan J.

“Dr. Jen is amazing with our 4 month old! He comes out all smiles when he sees her!”

Jessi M.

“I started seeing Dr. Jen when I was 35 weeks pregnant. She taught me so much in the 5 weeks I saw her before I gave birth. While, my labor wasn’t short, I still feel like the knowledge I gained from her is going to help me for future babies! Dr. Jen was the first person to care for my son, once he was born. She is extremely kind, caring and so loving. Her passion shines through in the way she handles all of her patients, from the littlest littles all the way to their moms and dads!”

Missy O.

“Dr. Jen is one of the most amazing chiropractors that we've ever encountered. She let my family breathe again by helping with my daughters sleep and sensory challenges. I can't thank her enough for what she did for us!”

Jill F.

“She listened to a million questions I had about my son and helped support me to make sure he was getting the care that he needed. His results have been amazing. I do not know where we would be if we didn't have Dr. Jen. She has truly enhanced our lives.”

Nicki O.

“Easily one of the best chiropractors I have ever been too!! She is smart, kind, and most importantly, passionate about helping your family reach the greatest health they've ever had. I cannot recommend Dr. Jen enough!!!”

Mike S.

“Dr. Jen Givens is a compassionate, caring, and loving chiropractor that will put you and your family first.”

Jennifer P.

“I had the pleasure of working side by side with Dr. Jen. She is one of the most knowledgeable prenatal and pediatric specialists I have ever met! I watched her transform hundreds of lives. A big added plus... Dr. Jen is loving, compassionate and fun!”

David L.

“Dr. Jen is absolutely amazing. She adjusted me through out my pregnancy with my second child to help prepare my body to VBAC. I was able to have a successful VBAC and felt completely supported and empowered through out my pregnancy and birth.”

Nicki O.

“She has a special connection when working with special needs children like my daughter, and I am so grateful she has been a part of my daughter's care and progression! We love Dr. Jen!”

Jennifer P.

meet dr. jen

Passionate. Expierenced. Knowledgeable. Caring.

Dr. Jen Givens has become a valuable health resource for her community. Early in her career, she knew she wanted to be one of the best pediatric and prenatal chiropractors; she knew she had to help families. With her experience and expertise, that is exactly what she’s done.

Meet Dr. Jen

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